About Us

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul”
― Martha Graham

Move Beyond, Dancing, Glitter, Smile, Megan BiermannMegan Biermann is the owner and operator of Move Beyond.  She officially began her journey into the world of dance when she was 9 years old, but the truth is she was always born to dance.  Even as a little girl she couldn’t help but move whenever music played nearby.

Though she got her start in Modern and Jazz, her interests quickly grew to include all areas of dance, leading her to a competition career in Modern, Jazz, Ballroom, and Latin dancing.  She has qualified highly in all her chosen styles of dance, achieving top honours in every exam taken.  Her recent accolades include:


  • Modern – Achieved Intermediate grading with a mark of 87%
  • Jazz – Currently graded at Gold level
  • Latin – Silver Bar status where she achieved Honours for her exam, a grading given for those who achieve between 90- and 100%
  • Ballroom – Silver with Honours
Move Beyond Dance Studio, Move Beyond, Dance Studio, Megan Biermann
A 3 year old Megan dancing to a live jazz band.

But her passion for dance led her to teach from a young age.  Tutoring those around her, it wasn’t long before she was brought on board as a teaching assistant at her first dance school.  The rest, as they say, is history.  Megan’s teaching and choreography talents have since been put to use extensively, both in competition and in theatre productions for Edenvale High School’s annual major productions.


But what does the future hold?  For Megan, it’s all about achieving a dream to compete at Blackpool – the highest level of competition for any dancer.  With a passion and dedication towards dance, dreams will surely become reality some day soon.